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Using fleets of airborne craft, TLC's dancing drone shows are creating a ballet of movement in mid-air! Combined with performers, special effects and LED light effects, TLC drone entertainment experiences are engaging audiences with creative uses of new technology.
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Dancing drones are mesmerizing, and engaging audiences with the combination of technology and art.

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TLC Creative drones are operated by TLC's FAA approved pilots, and safety is paramount at live events, typically by using see-thru netting. Whether the drone shows or drone racing experiences are designed for theatrical impact, or for cameras, or for the pure thrill of walking up to a display and discovering drones doing entertaining things, the impact is always high due to the unique use of technology.

New drone experiences, combined with visible branding, are a potent combination for social media marketing success, as guests are excited by the surprise of watching drone entertainment up close for the very first time. Contact TLC at 310-822-6790 for more information on dancing drone shows and dancing drones exhibits and attractions.

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TLC Creative indoor drone shows combine flying drones with live special effects for amazing light show experiences.

Xylobands (Intelligent LED Wristbands) and wireless LED tubes, glowballs, and LED effects are creating IMMERSIVE shows that light up people and events like never before. Made famous by COLDPLAY, Xylobands create group connection as everyone is synchronized with lighting up together.

TLC adds laser aerial effects to add visual contrast to flying drones - with drones flying through laser shapes, and lasers connecting to everyone in the venue, making laser-sky effects all the way to the back rows, making every person feel connected to the show. Engage guests with layers of special effects that surprise and delight.